Why Do You Go to the Spa for Weekends?

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1. Skin is deeply moistened after a week of fatigue

In hot and humid climates like Vietnam, it is important to provide water to the skin, which helps the skin avoid dehydration. When the skin is moist enough, the skin will be smooth, smooth and without wrinkle and aging problems. Treatments like intensive scrubs combined with a moisturizing mask at the spa will help your skin be moistened and deep enough after a tiring working week. A new trend in many spas is to use a moisturizing mask with added Hyaluronic acid, which can hold water up to 1,000 times its own weight so it has excellent moisture supply. Simply perform a deep moisturizing beauty treatment, you can feel your skin like “a few years younger.”

2. Skin healthier, limiting signs of aging

In the spa there will be laser treatments, light or ion transmission at the spa that can help bright skin much faster but very safe for the skin. Laser skin care, light or ion conduction are considered as a way to provide vitamins for the skin, which has 30 times the effectiveness of transfusion compared to normal skin application, so it helps the skin get better and limit signs aging.

So if you have melasma and dry skin or are suffering from severe inflammation and swelling, but must be “beautiful” when upcoming events such as ceremonies and parties are to be tried, try using Vitamin C transfusion therapy. Very safe and highly effective solution for treating acne, whitening skin, improving large pores, reducing inflammation. Thanks to the vitamin C transmission process combined with the use of moisturizing gel for the skin, my skin has been “saved” after many times the skin is bad due to being away, exposed to lots of dust and heat.

Health & Beauty Spa has skin care services from basic to intensive, helping your skin bright and beautiful instantly

3. Stress, hello!

After a week of intense work, the massage, relaxation and relaxation at the spa really helps relieve the pressure a lot. Instead of spending money on clothes, jewelry, a spa break is not only a beautiful skin, but also a refreshing spirit, working much more effectively.

4. To learn knowledge about skin and cosmetics

Come to the spa, not only skin care but also you can “enlist” to ask more experts and doctors to advise how to effectively care for your skin. The simplest such as exfoliating skin helps to remove old cells, scum and toxins, helps accelerate skin regeneration, reduces brown spots and cleanses pores. Any age in the skin has dead cells. On average, every 1 minute, millions of dead cells will peel off. Natural skin will remove dead cells but this process is very slow, especially when 30 years of age or older the cycle of skin replacement is slower so we have to exfoliate. However, with deep scrubs (usually only done at the spa), you should avoid sunshine to increase the effectiveness of “rejuvenating” the skin.

5. Going to the spa alone is not enough with beautiful skin

Which is a “believer” of the spa, but I still need to emphasize that: you need effective skin care at home before thinking about going to the spa for beauty! Do not stay up late, cleanse your face thoroughly before sleeping, use regular sunscreen, do not use low-quality cosmetics … are the basics of skin care that you need to do. Being aware of proper skin care, healthy eating, regular exercise and enjoying the relaxation in the spa will surely make you much nicer, from the beauty to the beauty inside: The beauty of people who know how to care for and love themselves properly.

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