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Specials & Deals:

Sanctuary Nail Spa, a Brand New Nail Salon on San Felipe & Voss in Houston, TX. Announces  Opening everyday Day of the week. There will be complimentary Beverages and Snacks. Also, keep a look out for specials & Deals.

Hours of Operation:

Mon-Sat: 9am- 7pm

Sun: 11am-6pm

Special Discounts:

  2. SHELLAC MANICURE————$30 with shoulder massage
  3. SPA PEDICURE———————$35 with Paraffin Wax, Mask, Organic Dead Sea Salt, Hot Stone, and Reflexology Treatment


Bring A Friend and you both get 20% off!

*Each client must meet a minimum of $35 & Up purchase to qualify for this special.

Limited time only!

Promotion start from Monday – Wednesday: 8/15/2019 to 9/15/2019



For Thursday – Sunday: 8/15/2019 to 9/15/2019 

Get 10% off!

*Each client must meet a minimum of $35 & Up purchase to qualify for this special. 

To Receive a discount, please let our Nail Technician knows about the Promotion at check out!

This is a great chance to book an appointment for your July 4th party specials. There will be complimentary beverages and Snacks. If you have a special request, please let us know. 

Please check out all our popular services below.

Sanctuary Nail Spa

6363 San Felipe St. Suite# 200C

Houston, Tx 77057

Contact: (832)962-7949



Foot Massage

What Nail Salon Services Do We Offer?

Manicure Services

Is your dry skin exhausted? Rejuvenate yourself with our soothing manicures. Sanctuary Nail Spa offers an elegant cosmetic treatment for your fingernails and hands. We offer a wide variety of nail therapies including the application of fabricated gel nails or polymers (also known as: French manicures). We also have an endless supply of nail design ideas to give you your own unique look guaranteed to turn heads.

Pedicure Services

Pedicures are not only for cosmetic purposes, they are therapeutic as well. Detoxify yourself with active ingredients like eucalyptus, lavender, and rosemary and enjoy our full-service spa treatment that’s not just for the toenails. Exfoliate those dead skin cells with our pumice stone scrub. Then soften your skin with a cleansing, scented foot soak. Finally, enjoy a relaxing hot stone massage to soothe and relax your aching muscles. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure your toenails look exquisite as well.

Full Set:

Full Set Powder Color                     $40

Full Set with Shellac                        $45

Full Set with White Tip                    $35

Full Set with Regular Color             $35

Full Set with Pink and White          $45

Dipping Powder Color                     $40-Up

Dipping Powder Pink and White    $45

Full Set Ombre Powder Color          $50



Solar Pink Refill                                $30

Solar Refill with Regular Color       $30

Refill Same Powder Color               $30

Refill Change Powder Color            $40

Refill with Shellac                             $40

Refill Pink and White                        $40

Manicure Services & Pricing:

Classic Manicure                                $15

Shellac Manicure                                $30

Deluxe Manicure                                $30

Deluxe Shellac Manicure                  $50


Pedicure Services & Pricing:

CLASSIC PEDICURE                                             $25

Take advantage of our classic nail trimming, cuticle cleaning, callus removal, lotion massage, polish, and sea salt exfoliate services. Perfect for the customer-on-the-go.


SPA PEDICURE                                                     $35

Need to relax and unwind a bit? Our specialized spa pedicure is what you need: nail trimming, cuticle cleaning, callus removal, sea salt exfoliate, face mask, paraffin wax, lotion & hot stone massage, and polish. 


ORGANIC DELUXE SPA PEDICURE                    $45

For clients looking for the full spa treatment, our organic deluxe spa pedicure is designed to relax you head to foot, awaken your senses with a clean, refreshed feeling, and improve your positive energy for the day. This service includes our classic pedicure with the addition of a warm neck wrap, 15 minute mini foot reflexology, and a hot stone leg massage. You can choose between a total 15 minutes of foot reflexology or a 10 minute foot & leg massage and a 5 minute shoulder massage. 


SHELLAC PEDICURE                                          $50

Had a long week? Take a load off and enjoy our Spa Pedicure services with the addition of a shellac polish.


PEARL SPA PEDICURE                                       $55

Need something a little ‘extra’? Relax with a warm neck wrap while we treat you to our Spa Pedicure with organic pearl products: a pearl face mask, paraffin wax, pearl lotion & hot stone massage, and 20 minutes of foot reflexology and toenail polish. You can choose between a total 20 minutes of foot reflexology or 15 minute feet and leg massage and a 5 minute shoulder massage.



You want that ‘smooth as baby skin’ feeling for your hands and feet? Natural Milk will be added to the pedicure bowl and natural honey is added to the mask. We’ll also provide a warm neck wrap while we trim your nails, remove your calluses, scrub your feet with our special honey sea salt exfoliate, apply paraffin wax, and massage your feet and legs with our hot stone and honey & milk lotion before ending with a 20 minute reflexology foot massage. You can choose between a total 20 minutes of foot reflexology or a 15 minute foot & leg massage and a 5 minute shoulder massage.



This is an organic experience with naturally hydrating, antioxidant-rich, botanical extracts (Paraffin-Free). Fresh organic orange detoxifies impurities, leaving skin invigorated. Enjoy our spa pedicure service with the addition of a warm neck wrap and a 25 minute reflexology foot massage. You can choose between a total 25 minutes of foot reflexology or a 15 minute foot & leg massage and a 5 minute shoulder massage.


JELLY SPA PEDICURE                                         $70

The ultimate Sanctuary Nail Spa experience! Pamper yourself with our natural Pearl Spa Pedicure with a touch of playfulness. The foot bath is filled with our special translucent ‘fluffy jelly’ instead of water. This is a very popular service, especially during the summer months, due to the jelly’s soothing effect on sun-dried skin. We’ll provide you with a warm neck wrap while we treat you to a 20 minute reflexology foot massage and a 15 minute shoulder massage.


Kid Services (Under 10 years of Age)


KID PEDICURE                                                       $20

KID PEDICURE & MANICURE                               $28




  1. Organic Coffee Cappuccino Pedicure
  2. Organic Cucumber Spa Pedicure
  3. Organic Lavender Spa Pedicure
  4. Organic Lemongrass Spa Pedicure
  5. Organic Orange Spa Pedicure


Waxing Services and Pricing

EYEBROWS                                                            $10

LIP                                                                          $7

CHIN                                                                      $7

UNDER ARM                                                         $20

2 SIDEBURNS                                                       $12

FACE WAX                                                             $30

HALF LEG WAX                                                     $40-Up

FULL LEG WAX                                                     $50-Up

BIKINI WAX                                                          $40-Up

BRAZILIAN WAX                                                  $50-Up 

ARM WAX                                                            $30-Up

FULL ARM                                                            $35-Up

Miscellaneous Service Pricing

Adult Toe Polish Change                    $11

Adult Hand Polish Change                 $10

Adult (Toe) French Polish Change      $15

Adult (Hand) French Polish Change   $15

Baby Toe Polish (Under 10)                 $8

Baby Hand Polish (Under 10)              $8

Soak Off Nail                                          $12

Soak Off Shellac                                     $10

Nail Repair                                              $4

Nail Design                                              $5-Up

Shellac Polish Change                            $20

Baby Shellac Polish                                 $15


Innovation’s Reflexology  $80

Foot Reflexology Benefits (1hr)

Reflexology research has proven the positive results of this service. Reflexology benefits include improved body function, enhanced effectiveness of medications, additional recovery benefits from illness or surgery, and alleviating chronic pain symptoms. For individuals of all ages, research has revealed reflexology improves quality of life. In 1995, it was reported in the UK that people with Alzheimer’s who were receiving reflexology treatments showed less restlessness and wandering, reduction in stiffness, arthritis, constipation, and much more. In 1996, a Danish study had shown that women who had reflexology treatment during childbirth reduced labor times and less pain. Mothers who received reflexology treatment after childbirth often breastfed more quickly and more satisfactorily. Also, reflexology treatments are shown to have improved the effectiveness of medication in treating kidney infection, kidney stones, and diabetes.

Sanctuary Nail Spa offers a 1 hour of reflexology treatment on your feet and shoulders as well as a combination of organic, fresh ginger foot soak, organic eucalyptus oil, and certified dead sea salt.

Facial Treatment  $60-Up

Our facial skin care products are 100% organic, original, and contains plant stem cells, organic extracts, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Complimentary Beverages

Water, Tea, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, White Wine, Red Wine

Free WIFI!!!!!!




Nail Tech


Nail Tech


Nail Tech



Sanctuary Nail Spa

6363 San Felipe St. Suite# 200C

Houston, TX 77057

Cell (832) 962-7949

Hours of Operation:

Mon-Sat: 9am – 7pm

Sun: 11am – 6pm

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